Sun Peaks Morrisey side of the resort.
Here is the view of Morrisey from Highway 22. In the background you can see the Rocky Mountains.

The list here is not comprehensive, but it will be expanded to include more runs on the Morrisey side. Only black runs will be described here as they are not well known by new visitors.

Entrance to cover shot at sun peaks
Entrance to Cover Shot linking to Spin Cycle and Agitator

Cover Shot is the first of the black runs counting from the Grand Return run. It is very popular and it tends to quickly develop some moguls. From the place in picture you can connect to Spin Cycle and Agitator.

On of the most popular runs on this side of the resort. When there is fresh snowfall, this run is very busy. You will have to come as soon as the Morrisey chairlift opens to make the first tracks. It is a steep run with large moguls at the top. Definitely it is only for advanced skiers.

Sun Peaks access to Static Cling
This is the picture of how to access Static Cling from Grand Return. If you change your mind half way, keep right when this access run opens up and get back to Grand Return.
Sun Peaks In Tatters ski run
Wringer or In Tatters…?
Sun Peaks In Tatters run sign

In Tatters is one of those runs that often is missed by many visitors. Typically it has fantastic snow conditions because is on the North side, it is steep, and it takes about 5 minutes walking to get back to the Morrisey Platter. Half way through the run you can take a shortcut to Static Cling (double black run) and then to the Morrisey Platter. Lets keep it as a little secret.

Only the very top part of In Tatters has some moguls. This run is steep at the top and briefly half way through the run just below the shortcut to Static Cling. However, it is not as steep as Challenger on the Todd Mountain side. There is plenty of fresh snow so conditions really depend on the weather. Warm conditions during the day followed by cold night would create very hard snow in the morning. Because there is no sunshine on this side, spring skiing may not be as fun here as those runs exposed to the sunshine elsewhere. Anytime there is a dump of fresh snow overnight, this would be my run of choice.

Sun Peaks Wringer ski run sign

Wringer is the run next to In Tatters. No a very popular run because at the bottom you will have to walk about 10 minutes to get to the Morrisey Platter, the Burfield chairlift, or to the street and return by resort shuttle bus to the village. Half way through the run you can take a shortcut to Static Cling (double black run) and then to the Morrisey Platter.

Next to Wringer there is Tumble Dry. It is an easy black run with great snow and not very popular. Similarly to Wringer, you will have to somehow get back to the village or one of the two chairlifts. Most people would take this run to go home because it ends next to the Mountain View Dr.

Sun Peaks Tumble Dry ski run
Wringer and Tumble Dry runs.

Lint Trap is the last run in the group of so called the “laundry” runs. It begins with a relatively flat section, often untouched, joining half way with Tumble Dry.

Access to Lint Trap from Back In Time

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