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Sun Peaks coffee shops have lost some business due to my home café installation. Learning to make perfect lattes is fun. Unfortunately, I can only practice making coffee about twice a day. Sometimes four times, but with limited social life during the pandemic that would be a lot of coffee to drink. After searching online for a new espresso machine I found a relatively new Italian brand called Lelit. It is not as famous as some other Italian brands, but wanted to try something else. They also offer a matching grinder so it was a perfect pair.

So why do I have two grinders?

lelit espresso and grinder
Lelit Espresso maker and coffee grinders

For a home café that is unusual, I would say. But how could I serve two different coffee roasts? Or serve a decaf? Or serve a mix blend…I need a third coffee grinder, Lelit of course. I could fit on the counter two more! Let’s be serious. I think this set up is just perfect. The Lelit espresso maker is a single boiler, but it makes excellent coffee. The matching Lelit coffee grinders have infinite precision of grinding so it took me a while to learn how to determine the correct granularity. After all, I am not a professional barista. Another benefit of a home café are the many opportunities to learn latte art. It is lots of fun to try. When I fail to make something near the acceptable piece of art, there will always be another attempt and the evidence of my failure will get consumed anyway.

cafe latte

This one is far from being anything near a professional latte art, but I think I’m getting somewhere…

I can now “paint” flowers with milk.

At least I’m consistent. I need to practice more.

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