For many people sailing is a passion. On this website you will find information on a variety of topics. They are not just about sailing, but other great adventures that you can perhaps find intriguing. The main reason for the website is helping other people with some information. If you have been sailing in the Pacific Northwest and would like to charter a yacht in the Greek Islands, you would find some topics very interesting. Since I’ve been chartering yachts in the Greek Islands, I will share with you my experiences, so you can be prepared for your first charter in Greece. The website will eventually allow other sailors to post their topics. Other topics we will present are all those fascinating activities you find in Sun Peaks, BC. Sun Peaks is a small resort very close to Kamloops in British Columbia. The resort is relatively small but offers the second largest ski area in Canada. If winter is not your most favored season, how about mountain biking? Sun Peaks is also becoming very popular in summer.